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What does Z-Ora do and what makes Z-Ora special?

With Z-Ora you start your day with the best for your body. Our Superfood Bowls are perfect when you’re short on time and have a busy day ahead. With just one bowl you’ll get 30-50% of your daily mineral needs and can activate your metabolism with 12g of plant-based protein and healthy fats.

What convinced you to choose Alaiko as your fulfillment partner?

Alaiko impressed me with its customer-focused approach: The end customer’s experience is always their priority. At the same time, all functions are designed to relieve me as an Alaiko customer of as much operational work as possible. Alaiko has delivered on this promise to every extent.

What fulfillment challenges were you facing?

Communication with our previous fulfillment provider was extremely challenging: Long waiting times to reach someone and then it took at least three times as long until someone helped me. There were constant technical issues…

Which Alaiko functions & services are most valuable to your daily business? 

  • Live chat with very nice account managers who always respond super fast and have effectively solved every problem so far.
  • Perfect tracking from the customer’s perspective.
  • Great dashboard with all necessary technical functions integrated.

What are the top 3 results achieved with Alaiko?

● Much better customer experience for end customers (easy tracking, fast delivery times, transparency).
● Customization options across B2C and B2B orders.
● Every problem and requirement was solved directly in the shortest time possible.

Describe Alaiko in 3 words. For us/me Alaiko is…
● Reliability
● Speed
● Competence

Z-Ora Nutrition

Industry:  Health Food
Headquarter: Amsterdam, NL
Founding year: 2020

Isabel Zapf

Founder, Z-Ora Nutrition

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With Z-Ora you start your day with the best for your body. Our Superfood Bowls are perfect when you're short on ...