Alaiko OS: Software for
E-Commerce Brands with In-House Fulfillment

Connect your in-house fulfillment, customer service and end customers on one platform with Alaiko’s software solutions. Eliminate communication barriers, increase transparency, reduce time spent on customer service and improve the post-purchase experience with the Alaiko OS.

Take your logistics processes to the next level – so you have more time to focus on your core business.


We understand your challenges
and offer effective software solutions

As a fulfillment partner of over 150 DTC brands, we understand the challenges of e-commerce logistics. We have developed digital solutions to make your day-to-day business more convenient. Use the Alaiko OS software to ensure more transparency, simplicity, and less dependency in e-commerce fulfillment.


Enhanced Customer Experience

With Alaiko's software solutions, you can offer your customers a better post-purchase experience. Use branded tracking emails to proactively inform your customers about the status of their shipments. They can track their orders at any time on tracking pages that are integrated directly into your online shop. Returns are also made easy, with a returns portal for customers to report their returns without involving customer service. The reasons are relayed directly to you. This means a better experience for your customers and less work for your team in terms of inquiries and support tickets.

Seamless integrations with e-commerce tools and systems

Are integrations with marketplaces, shop, and ERP systems a major challenge for you or your agency? Does your Warehouse Management System not offer direct interfaces and do you lack the IT resources to develop your own? No problem: Alaiko provides you with over 50 integrations. You can quickly connect your shop, ERP system, and other tools such as Klaviyo on our platform.


Save costs and effort with automation

To solve problems before they arise, the Alaiko OS establishes a direct connection between your customers and your warehouse. Automated communication in case of address errors, for example, allows shoppers to correct their data themselves - without your customer service team having to deal with it. This reduces the need for coordination and allows your customer service team to focus on providing advice rather than clarifying minor details.



Shipment status inquiries


Time saved with automated refunds


Repurchase rate through tracking emails

More than 10 million e-commerce shipments from +150 shops have already been sent through Alaiko

How Alaiko empowers your logistics, operations and customer service teams

The Alaiko OS gives you more flexibility, seamless processes and better communication – both internally and with your customers. Automate your day-to-day operations, be less dependent on agencies for integrations, and ensure error-free, fast order fulfillment.

Alaiko OS Dashboard

One platform – all stakeholders connected: The Alaiko OS

The Alaiko OS is your digital logistics control center. Seamlessly integrated with your Warehouse Management System (WMS), shop and ERP systems, it provides you with real-time transparency and direct access to warehouse processes – from orders to returns. By directly linking customer service with warehouse processes and customer self-service tools, the Alaiko OS creates a better experience for you and your customers.


Alaiko OS Dashboard
“Alaiko’s comprehensive dashboard provides full transparency on all fulfillment topics in real time. I can see the status of processes at any time and control them directly. That’s one of the biggest benefits of Alaiko.”

Patrick Conrad, Managing Director, ZOÉ LU

50+ E-Commerce Integrations

Bye, bye tedious integration processes! Alaiko offers over 50 easy-to-configure e-commerce integrations. From shop systems and ERP systems to customer communication tools like Klaviyo, you can quickly connect a variety of tools and work on one common platform.

Self-Service Modules for your Customers

Alaiko’s self-service modules allow you to connect your customers directly to the warehouse and shipping processes. From shipment communication with Track & Trace capabilities to automated address corrections and returns via a returns portal, Alaiko OS allows you to solve problems before they occur. This saves you valuable time and money, especially in customer service.


Connect Directly:
Our WMS Partners

As a logistics control center, the Alaiko OS sits directly on top of your Warehouse Management System, providing your customers with real-time transparency and control over your warehouse processes.


“Alaiko understands the challenges and urgency of fulfillment and speaks our language.”

Andre Poloczek, COO, Hey Marly

Seamlessly integrating e-commerce systems

Alaiko enables seamless technical integration from single shops to multi-channel and complex ERP connections via API. This allows the technical setup to scale smoothly.

Get to know Alaiko now.

For a non-binding exchange and quotation, arrange a consultation here.

Get to know Alaiko now.

For a non-binding exchange and quotation, arrange a consultation here.