Alaiko OS: a completely new way of controlling the fulfillment process

The Alaiko Operating System consistently addresses the most common challenges for e-commerce customer service and operations teams and provides numerous tools to scale processes more efficiently while also increasing customer satisfaction.

Hello, proactive customer service,
good-bye email ping pong!

Transform customer service through full control and automation.

Solve problems before they arise

Be better informed and always ready to act

At a glance, you can see reasons for potential shipping delays and can edit orders directly from the customer service system at the customer’s request until just before shipment. Automated customer communication in the event of address errors allows customers to correct their data quickly, smoothly and without tickets.

smoother shipping experience

Proactive expectation management, fewer returns

In case of delays on the part of the shipping service provider, Alaiko automatically triggers a follow-up request and, if desired, proactively informs all parties involved. For deliveries to packing stations and service points, customers also receive a notification to avoid returns.

Simple and time-saving processing of returns

Fast reshipment and reimbursement

Decisions can be made quickly and reliably from data on reasons for returns and ABC classification. Duplicates orders with just a few clicks or initiates a refund directly in Alaiko without a system break.

Optimal processes thanks to intelligent automation rules

Numerous rule types and conditions enable flexible automation for each individual order, e.g., when selecting different shipping service providers, adding items, marketing materials and flyers, selecting the optimal shipping carton or avoiding fraud.

Never stop selling –
Digital operations processes for maximum efficiency

Ensure merchandise availability, exceed customer expectations:
Alaiko supports all tasks from first-mile and warehouse receiving, product & inventory management to B2B shipping.

First-mile and warehouse receiving

Minimize labor and coordination efforts

Product and inventory management

Transparency & real-time synchronization

B2B shipping

Meet delivery requirements

Smooth multi-channel integration

Alaiko enables easy technical integration from single store to multi-channel to complex ERP connections via API. With Alaiko, the technical setup scales smoothly.

Optimize fulfillment with analytics

Get the most out of your data and gain a competitive edge. Access all raw data via API or export and gain differentiated insights to optimize your fulfillment. Create the basis for smart decisions by analyzing all data on orders and returns.

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