Alaiko is the game changer for your fulfillment!

Alaiko offers the winning combination of scalable fulfillment and exceptional service. With the Alaiko software, you are able to maximize your fulfillment performance at all times and offer your customers a unique experience.

Alaiko for E-Commerce Brands

Alaiko offers tailor-made solutions for e-commerce shops – for those of you who want to outsource your fulfillment as well as for stores that want to take their own fulfillment to the next level.
Discover our solutions for e-commerce shops now and get in touch with us:

For Shops with

For e-commerce champions wanting to score points with the best customer experience

Are you looking to optimize your in-house logistics and make your warehouse processes even smoother? With the Alaiko OS, you can connect your shop, warehouse and your end customers on one platform – for an even better customer experience!

For shops looking to outsource their fulfillment

For successful e-commerce brands that want to focus on their core business

Benefit from our highly professional fulfillment network of service providers who use Alaiko’s Operating System. We will put you in touch with the right partners for your e-commerce requirements.

Alaiko for Fulfillment-Providers & 3PLs 

As a fulfillment partner to over 150 e-commerce stores, we know first-hand the challenges faced by 3PL providers. With this experience, we have built software solutions that take your e-commerce fulfillment services to a new, digital level.
Discover our solutions for 3PL providers now and get in touch with us:

For 3PL Providers


For fulfillment service providers aiming to offer the highest logistics standard

Get the automation edge over the competition with the Alaiko Operating System (OS). Offer your e-commerce store customers digital processes as well as a window and remote control straight into your warehouse.

Included in every offer:


Individual development of your logistics concept including onboarding process 


Connections for shop systems and ERPs as well as other e-commerce tools via interface or individually via API


Alaiko’s Logistics Operating System – for seamless management of fulfillment in the warehouse

Personal support – to react as fast as possible to urgent requests

Frequently Asked Questions

Which pricing plan is suitable for our online shop or fulfillment business?

When choosing the right pricing plan, you should be guided by your monthly shipping volume. We will be happy to answer your questions about the various pricing plans in a non-binding discussion.

Is there a minimum requirement for monthly shipments?

Depending on the type of company (3PL, store with in-house fulfillment or logistics outsourcing), there are different minimum volumes. You don’t have the required minimum volume yet, but have big plans? Then we would be happy to talk to you. Please make a note of this in the additional information section when requesting a quote.

Is Alaiko focused on specific industries or markets?

Alaiko’s fulfillment solution offers a high level of flexibility. Online stores working with Alaiko come from different industries such as: Consumer goods, cosmetics, accessories, food or electronics. The focus currently lies on the European market but there is the possibility to ship globally as well.

Are there any restrictions on the type of products?

Generally not – our software works for a wide variety of e-commerce businesses. If you would like to outsource fulfillment via one of our fulfillment partners, an individual assessment is necessary for dangerous goods or a particularly high number of SKUs.

"The Alaiko dashboard offers full transparency on all fulfillment topics in real time. I can view the status of processes at any time and control them directly.”

"Things are dealt with very swiftly at Alaiko, everything is done with a hands-on mentality."

"We are looking forward to continuing to take off with Alaiko, because the end of the line is far from being reached."

"We first became aware of the importance & advantages of technology in fulfillment with Alaiko: We have transparency and can proactively control all processes."



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