Welcome to the world of seamless e-commerce fulfillment

With many years of experience as a fulfillment service provider and the digital processes and automation of the Alaiko OS, we are setting new standards in logistics – for fulfillment providers and online shops.


For Fulfillment Providers

Take your e-commerce fulfillment services to a new, digital level with Alaiko. Strengthen customer loyalty & secure sustainable growth.

For E-Commerce Shops with In-House Logistics

Ensure reliable order processing and better, more proactive communication with your customers with Alaiko.

For online shops looking to outsource fulfillment

Outsource your fulfillment with Alaiko and focus on your core business. We will find the right partner and the optimal setup for you.


Order status inquiries


Ticket volume in customer service

saved weekly with automated return refunds

State-of-the-art software for connecting all fulfillment stakeholders on one platform

Alaiko Operating System

Consistent focus on process efficiency through automation and optimization.


Connect the Alaiko OS with all common shop systems and e-commerce tools – without dependence on agencies and lengthy IT processes.

Modules for end customers

Digital touchpoints for greater satisfaction, more sales and less effort in customer service.


“The importance and advantages of technology in the fulfillment process really hit home for us with Alaiko: Now we have complete transparency and can proactively manage all processes.”

"I could have gone on vacation during the Red Week (Black Week at TFC) - that's how smoothly the fulfillment and logistics processes run with Alaiko."

“Alaiko understands the challenges and urgency of fulfillment and speaks our language.”

"Things are dealt with very swiftly at Alaiko, everything is done with a hands-on mentality."

“Alaiko’s comprehensive dashboard offers full transparency into all fulfillment areas in real-time. I can view the process status at any time and manage them directly as needed.”

"We are looking forward to continuing to take off with Alaiko, because the end of the line is far from being reached."


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