Welcome to the world of seamless e-commerce fulfillment

Using digital processes and automation in fulfillment, Alaiko sets new standards for scaling successful e-commerce brands.


Excellent logistics meets cutting-edge operations software for the best customer experience in fulfillment


Scale without growing pains with state-of-the-art warehousing and excellent processes.

Operating System

Consistent focus on proactive customer communication and efficient processes through automation.

Experience Modules

New, digital touchpoints with customers for higher customer satisfaction, more sales and less effort in service.


next day delivery


on-time shipment

saved weekly


"We look forward to continuing to forge ahead with Alaiko, as the end of the line is a long way off!"

“Alaiko is like an Apple product: simple, clear and intuitive with an excellent team.”

"Thanks to Alaiko's simple and hassle-free process with exporto, Switzerland has become a focus market for us."

"Our partner, Alaiko, fully understands the operational challenges in B2B fulfillment."

“The combination of a young team.. and an innovative and great digital product convinced us to choose Alaiko as our fulfillment partner.”

“With Alaiko we felt right from the start we had found exactly the right fulfillment partner.”

"Things are dealt with very swiftly at Alaiko, everything is done with a hands-on mentality."


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