Customer success story – T1TAN


Improved customer experience and increased efficiency through individualized and tailored fulfillment processes 


Industry: Sports
Location: Herbolzheim, Deutschland
Founding year: 2010
Team size: 10 Employees


The slogan “Professional goal-keeper gloves that everyone can afford”, divulges that T1TAN designs gloves for everyone – from every goalkeeper in any amateur league to goalkeepers in the Bundesliga (Germany’s top soccer league). Manuel Meier and Matthias Leibitz founded the company with the aim of selling professional goalkeepers’ gloves, made with superior technology, at a fair price. T1TAN has a decisive advantage due the fact that it gives the option of personalizing each set of goalkeeper gloves, ensuring that each item is truly unique. The result is impressive: more than 125,000 goalkeepers already play with T1TAN.



T1TAN’s business model quickly demonstrated itself as being successful. Order volumes skyrocketed. In a mere two years, from 2018 to 2020, the company’s sales doubled. As exciting and satisfying as growth can be, the challenges that come with it can be considerable. Since customization is the focus of these products, the founders wanted to maintain the customer-centric approach in the post-purchasing phase, deliver as quickly as possible, offer excellent customer service, and smooth and easy returns. T1TAN’s fulfillment solution, therefore, had to meet all these demands. One decisive factor was that no information about any item should go missing. Orders should still be editable after check-out and the return process for customers should be as simple as possible.

In the past, the personalization of the gloves often created difficulties. This was due to an extremely complex system, so errors often occurred when mistakes were made in the warehouse in relation to the personalization data (e.g. initials on the gloves). This resulted in processing delays. T1TAN’s customers had to endure long waiting periods for their personalized gloves. Not only did this impair the internal processes in warehouse receiving, picking, and shipping, which were always dependent on manual handling, but also impacted negatively on the customer experience.

That’s why T1TAN was on the lookout for a fulfillment partner who, on the one hand, possessed the know-how to master technical challenges, and on the other hand, could also process and ship the orders efficiently. Additionally, a decisive factor was also the ability to adapt and scale the fulfillment process, as well as support further growth.

Manuel Meier, Co-Founder T1TAN



T1TAN came to Alaiko with all the typical problems of a fast-growing company. The requirement for scalability without growing pains, combined with complex technical demands, called for a customized solution. Alaiko’s Operating System, the control platform for the fulfillment process, enabled them to set up customized and flexible processes for T1TAN.

Individualized processes ensure the very best customer experience


Since T1TAN and Alaiko have been collaborating, personalizing goalkeeper gloves is an automated process. Following customers’ specifications for personalization via the online shop, Alaiko transmits the information to the warehouse in a clear and structured way, along with precise instructions. The gloves are then immediately personalized, within the warehouse. This approach speeds up the fulfillment process, ensuring that customers receive their products within the shortest possible time, including a “next-day” delivery option.

Dennis Fietzeck, Customer Success Manager T1TAN

One platform for everything: Maximum efficiency, flexibility, and scalability


The optimization of T1TAN’s fulfillment is not only noticeable for end customers. Despite a steadily increasing number of orders, the time and effort required for logistics management on the part of T1TAN has decreased significantly. To avoid the need for follow-up and manual supervision of repetitive processes, Alaiko automates the selection of carriers depending on the shipping region, for example, as well as the insertion of marketing material, flyers, and the selection of optimal shipping cartons. The rules and conditions for these processes can be flexibly selected and changed via by the shop itself, within Alaiko’s Operating System. This not only provides more transparency on the process status, but also reduces shipping errors, without requiring manual communication between the fulfiller and T1TAN. If returns do occur, no additional resources are required to process these. The Alaiko platform conveniently manages active and passive returns in a structured chart and automatically documents the customer’s feedback regarding the reason for the return. The “Prime by Seller” option is no longer problematic for T1TAN. Alaiko guarantees that it will meet the Prime delivery time of one business day, thereby supporting T1TAN in its expansion of sales channels.

 T1TAN Team

Due to increased flexibility and customer satisfaction levels, T1TAN can once again focus on its ambitious growth plans. T1TAN intends to become the market leader for goalkeeper gloves and wants to see as many keepers as possible wearing their gloves during matches. Together with Alaiko, they feel confident that they can achieve a bright future.

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