Alaiko OS: Software for Successful Fulfillment Providers and 3PL

Alaiko’s software solutions take your e-commerce fulfillment to a new, digital level. The Alaiko OS sits on top of your WMS and establishes a direct connection between your warehouse, the online stores and their customers. The result: more transparency, better control and efficient automation for all parties involved.

We know your challenges and offer effective solutions

As a fulfillment partner of over 150 e-commerce stores, we understand the challenges faced by 3PLs. With this experience, we have developed digital solutions that help fulfillment service providers stay competitive. Use the Alaiko OS to gain a competitive edge in e-commerce fulfillment by leveraging software.

Stronger Customer Loyalty & Sustainable Growth

Competition from digitally positioned fulfillment service providers is growing - especially in e-commerce fulfillment. With Alaiko's software solutions, you benefit from our experience. With the Alaiko software platform, you can offer your customers a digital customer experience that meets the high demands of modern e-commerce businesses.

Seamless integration with e-commerce tools and systems

Are integrations with marketplaces, shop, and ERP systems a big challenge for you? Your WMS does not offer direct interfaces and you lack the IT resources to develop your own? No problem: with Alaiko, more than 50 integrations are available immediately. Integrating new online shops into your IT landscape is simple.


Cost Savings and Effective Automation

To solve problems before they arise, the Alaiko OS allows your customers - the e-commerce shops - and their shoppers to directly influence warehouse processes. Automated communication in case of address errors, for example, allows shoppers to correct their data themselves - without the need for the shop to intervene and without blocking your warehouse processes. With the Alaiko software, you reduce the need for coordination - for you and your e-commerce clients.


Leading 3PL fulfillment providers already rely on the Alaiko software platform

How Alaiko Supports Your E-Commerce Fulfillment

With our comprehensive software platform – the Alaiko OS – we bring fulfillment service providers, e-commerce shops, and end customers closer together and remove communication barriers. Digital and connected processes increase your business’ transparency, operational control, and automation capabilities.

Logistics software redefined: The Alaiko OS

The Alaiko OS is a digital logistics control center for fulfillment service providers and e-commerce stores. Seamlessly integrated with your Warehouse Management System (WMS), store and ERP systems, it provides your customers with real-time transparency and direct intervention in warehouse processes. Uncertainties related to receiving, storage and shipping can be resolved directly through Alaiko. This results in faster processes with reduced communication effort.

Alaiko OS Dashboard

50+ E-Commerce Integrations

Alaiko offers over 50 easy-to-configure integrations to all popular e-commerce store systems, marketplaces, and ERPs. This helps you expand your potential customer base and simplify the onboarding of new customers.

Self-Service Modules for E-Commerce Consumers

Alaiko’s self-service modules give your e-commerce shop clients and their end customers a direct line of communication with the warehouse for shipping, returns, and more. This way, many problems can be solved before they occur. This saves you and your customers valuable time and money, especially when it comes to customer service.


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Transco optimizes its e-fulfillment with the Alaiko OS

Logistics provider Transco uses the Alaiko OS to optimize and automate its e-commerce fulfillment. With Alaiko’s software solutions, Transco benefits from faster integrations of new customers, more transparency and more efficient order processing – from inbound to returns.

Direct Integration: Our WMS-Partners

As a logistics control center, the Alaiko OS sits on top of your Warehouse Management System and provides your customers with real-time visibility and control over your warehouse processes.

“Thank you for a smooth implementation in a record time of 5 weeks! I have never been able to implement a WMS so quickly.”

Thorsten Schmidt, Member of the Management, Atrikom Fulfillment

Seamlessly connect e-commerce systems

Alaiko enables easy technical integration from single stores to multi-channel and complex ERP connections via API. This allows the technical setup to scale smoothly.

Get to know Alaiko now.

For a non-binding exchange and quotation, arrange a consultation here.

Get to know Alaiko now.

For a non-binding exchange and quotation, arrange a consultation here.