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We understand every request is unique. Your feedback in the request will help to customize the consultation. This helps us to ensure we are collaborating to find the best possible solution for your needs!

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Discover the future of e-commerce fulfillment with Alaiko

Your e-commerce store is scaling successfully?

Alaiko offers unlimited capacity for your logistics.

Your customer support is becoming a bottleneck?

The Alaiko Operating System® solves problems before they arise.

Your Customer Experience has potential for optimization?

Alaiko’s Experience Modules create an outstanding shopping experience.

Things are dealt with very swiftly at Alaiko, everything is done with a hands-on mentality.”


“We look forward to continuing to forge ahead with Alaiko, as the end of the line is a long way off!”


“Our partner, Alaiko, fully understands the operational challenges in B2B fulfillment.”


“Alaiko is like an Apple product: simple, clear and intuitive with an excellent team.”


“With Alaiko we felt right from the start we had found exactly the right fulfillment partner.”


Any questions?

Which pricing plan is suitable for my e-commerce store?
When choosing the right pricing plan, consider your monthly shipping volume. Alaiko’s Growth Plan starts at a minimum of 2.500 shipments per month. Thanks to the scalability of Alaiko’s fulfillment, even stores with a monthly shipment volume of far more than 25.000 orders benefit from Alaiko. We will be happy to answer your questions about the various pricing plans during a first non-committal consultation.
Is there a minimum requirement for monthly shipments?
Alaiko’s minimum requirement is 2.500 shipments per month. Don’t have the required minimum shipping volume, but big plans? We are happy to talk to you. Please be sure to note this in the additional information-field when requesting a consultation.
Is Alaiko focused on specific industries or markets?

Alaiko’s fulfillment solution offers a high level of flexibility. Online stores working with Alaiko come from different industries such as: Consumer goods, cosmetics, accessories, food or electronics. The focus currently lies on the European market but there is the possibility to ship globally as well.

Are there any restrictions on the type of products?
Generally not. In the case of dangerous goods or a particularly high number of SKUs, an individual consideration is necessary.