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What does Jokolade do and what makes Jokolade special?

JOKOLADE is a brand of the specially founded Schoko Winterscheidt GmbH and a project close to the heart of namesake and founder Joko Winterscheidt. Originating as a play on words, we are now pursuing the very complex goal of chocolate being produced 100% slave-free as quickly as possible.

What convinced you to choose Alaiko as your fulfillment partner?

The intuitive operation, the service accompanying the entire process and the possibility to implement even small changes quickly were decisive for us.

What fulfillment challenges were you facing?

For our launch, we needed a partner who could go from 0 to 100 and set up a reliable and efficient fulfillment system that could handle a big volume of orders right away.

Which Alaiko functions & services are most valuable to your daily business?

● Key account managers’ quick responses via chat on a wide range of topics
● Email automations to correct incorrect address entries
● CSV uploads for manual orders to multiple addresses

What are the top 3 results achieved with Alaiko?

● A fast and very conscientiously accompanied setup of the online store
● Effective workarounds for new products and other special requests
● No effort required for the operational support of the webshop fulfillment – the day-to-day business runs almost by itself

Describe Alaiko in 3 words. For us Alaiko stands for…

● Outstanding customer service and active support for enhancements / process optimizations
● Efficient processes and clear dashboards / lists
● Convenient and reliable fulfillment





Schoko Winterscheidt GmbH

Industry: Food
Headquarter: Munich
Founding year: 2021

Niklas Hermes-Böhlefeld

Chocolate Operations Officer

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Jokolade Success Story

Jokolade Success Story

JOKOLADE is a brand of the specially founded Schoko Winterscheidt GmbH and a project close to the heart of namesake


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