Success Story

What does OGNX do and what makes OGNX special?

With the goal of revolutionizing the fashion industry with sustainable yoga and sportswear, the label OGNX (“organics”) was launched in 2012. Since the company was founded, we have been dedicated to making our label as environmentally friendly and ethical as possible. Our long-term goal is not only to enrich your everyday life with our high-quality products, but to enable a continuous and consistent circular economy for the raw materials we use. Sustainability, ethics and environmental awareness must finally take priority in the textile industry.

What convinced you to choose Alaiko as your fulfillment partner?

  • Order/delivery status is visible at any time (high visibility)
  • Customer service is friendly, fast and reliable
  • Capacity reduction, because Alaiko manages the operational interface between the warehouse and our shop

What fulfillment challenges were you facing?

  • No effective connection between store system and warehouse systems
  • Sub-optimal inventory reconciliation (repeated differences in stock levels)
  • Shipping information to customers did not work
  • Delays in returns processing and many manual steps during booking in returns
  • Significant effort to figure out the status of processing
  • Long processing times for deliveries to non-EU countries

Which Alaiko functions & services are most valuable to your daily business?

  • Dashboard
  • Speed of shipment processing
  • Status viewing of shipping processing 
  • Returns label can be self-generated 
  • Shipping method (e.g., express) can be self-selected 
  • Requests for follow-up are taken over
  • Goods receipts are displayed in a structured manner

What are the top 3 results achieved with Alaiko?

  • Simplified customer service with fully automated processes that lead to high customer satisfaction
  • Wider capacity savings
  • Growth opportunity

Describe Alaiko in 3 words. For us Alaiko is…

…like an Apple product: simple, clear and intuitive with an excellent team


Upparel GmbH (OGNX)

Industry: Activewear & Fashion 
Headquarter: Munich
Founding year: 2012

Katharina Wittfeld

Managing Director

Elena Schöttle

Customer Service

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