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What does Störtebekker do and what makes Störtebekker special?

The team behind Störtebekker creates shaving and beard care products that bring the barbershop feeling into your bathroom. Sustainability, quality & functionality of the products are our priority, as well as providing the best customer satisfaction.

What convinced you to choose Alaiko as your fulfillment partner?

The combination of a young team that thinks “e-commerce first” and their entrepreneurial flair, with an innovative and great digital product.

What fulfillment challenges were you facing?

After launching our own online store, we initially started with FBA. However, as a brand, topics like custom packaging and unboxing experience were important to us. We would not have been able to work on these initiatives with this set-up.

Which Alaiko functions & services are most valuable to your business?

The exceptionally fast customer service chat on the platform, automated emails to our customers in case of incomplete address entries, the transparent overview of the complete fulfillment as well as the ability to manually trigger orders easily, e.g. to influencers.

What are the top 3 results achieved with Alaiko?

  • Very fast delivery times
  • High customer satisfaction (thanks to delivery times and fast customer service responses when it comes to shipping)
  • Simple & intuitive control of fulfillment

Describe Alaiko in 3 words. For us Alaiko is…

  • E-commerce first
  • hands-on
  • innovative
Störtebekker Shaving Accessories

Industry: Shaving & care products
Headquarter: Frankfurt
Founding year: 2017

Martin Picard

CEO & Founder

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