Fewer tickets, happier customers

More than 70% of customer service inquiries result directly from fulfillment challenges and delays. The Alaiko Operating System consistently focuses on supporting customer service for higher customer satisfaction, time savings and lower operational costs.

The Alaiko experience for customer service teams

Rapid sales growth without exploding customer service ticket volumes: with Alaiko, customer service teams have full visibility and control of the fulfillment process and can respond to customer inquiries faster and easily implement change requests. Smart email automation proactively notifies customers of address issues and about packages ready for pickup.

Improve customer experience with streamlined order processing

Proactively solve problems for your customers before they arise. Automate recurring tasks and free up resources for your customer service.

Real-time order overview

Keep an eye on the status of all your customers’ orders at all times: the real-time overview of all orders gives you full transparency.

Automated task management

Transform customer service from reactive and manual to automated and proactive. In Alaiko, you can digitally store and execute tasks for each order.

Synchronization with

e-commerce platforms

Flexible working: decide for yourself which system you prefer to work in. Information is synchronized with your e-commerce platform automatically and in real time, so that orders can be processed everywhere.

Order processing and cancellation

Flexibility up to the last minute: improve customer experience by responding quickly to your customers’ individual change requests – right up to the moment of physically picking the order.

Detection of incorrect addresses

No more incorrect data – delivery obstacles such as missing house numbers are automatically detected and blocked in the system.

Automated address correction

Provide your customers with a smooth customer journey and avoid abandoning the purchase at the last moment: customers receive a notification requesting correction of the incorrect address and the package is sent on its way.

A smooth delivery experience through automated shipping management

Thanks to automated processes and complete transparency about the progress of shipments, your customers benefit from faster parcel transit times and a seamless delivery experience.

Multi-carrier automation

Offer your customers multiple delivery options and optimize delivery times by allowing them to choose from different carriers, e.g., by region of destination.

Shipment tracking

Get tracking updates for full visibility about the status of your shipments en route to customers.

Lost shipment notification

Proactively reach out to your customers and notify them if a package is lost in transit. This will prevent “Where is my package?” inquiries.

Proactive follow-up requests

Save customer service time by automating the most common inquiry, “Where is my package?” through proactive inquiry requests.

Automated customs clearance

Benefit from lower import VAT (EUSt) with Alaiko’s automated customs clearance for non-EU shipments. Your customers will enjoy faster parcel transit times and a local delivery experience.

Optimize your product offering through efficient returns management

Conveniently manage returns in a structured overview on a single platform and collect valuable feedback from your customers on reasons for returns.

Returns overview

Keep track of all returns: active and passive returns are clearly recorded. The ABC classification for returns enables the structured and efficient management of returns.

Returns portal

Your customers generate their own labels on the digital returns portal. In this way, you can collect direct feedback from your customers on returns and keep a structured overview of the information.


Conveniently manage refunds on a single platform without having to switch between different systems: refunds can be triggered directly from Alaiko in the store system.

Notification for passive returns

Reduce purchase cancellations despite undeliverability – your customers will receive an automatic email if their package is returned to the warehouse.

Flexible returns strategy

Be flexible in your returns strategy and choose how you want to let customers return their items: with a label in the box, with manual assistance from customer service or through the Alaiko digital returns portal.

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