Track & Trace with the Alaiko OS

The upgrade for your post-purchase experience

Own your post-purchase communication and offer a seamless and individual journey.

Use Alaiko’s track & trace solution, generate valuable traffic, drive direct repeat purchases and increase customer loyalty.

5-figure revenue

generated via tracking emails in 30 days


repurchase rate on tracking emails


shipment status inquiries

One step closer towards offering the best post-purchase experience

Solve the pain of uncertainty

Keeping your customers in the loop will make them happy. Increase positive reviews and retention rates with transparent communication regarding all shipping updates!

Spend less time on inquiries

Where is my order? When will it arrive? Provide reliable shipping updates via email and tracking page and reduce customer inquiries regarding their shipment by up to 90%!

Own your best channel

Don’t let shipping providers steal your shine – own your shipping updates. With avg. open rates of over 70% tracking emails are a great marketing channel!


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The features of Alaiko’s Track & Trace module

In this video, Sabrina guides you through the features of the Track & Trace module within the Alaiko Operating System.

Act before customers ask

Customers want to know about their parcel’s status, don’t wait until they ask. Choose from different update triggers, to inform them automatically via email. Flexibly manage all triggers via the Alaiko Operating System.

Communicate in real-time

Inform customers in real-time about any relevant update on their shipment. Through a deep integration with carriers and warehouses, Alaiko provides reliable tracking data for seamless communication with your customers.


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Provide full transparency

Customers can follow their parcel on demand via your custom tracking page. Provide full transparency of the current shipping status, integrated in your shop’s website instead of funneling your traffic to the carrier website.

Stay true to your branding

Offer a holistic brand experience: Set up your custom shipping communication in minutes with Alaiko‘s proven email and tracking page templates.

To align with your email marketing strategy, use Alaiko’s integration with Klaviyo!

Boost traffic, sales & engagement

Use shipping communication and high track & trace opening rates (<70%) for upselling and customer engagement: Display targeted ads, offer exclusive discounts, link your social media accounts and blog, call for reviews, and much more.

Happy customers & higher profits with Track and Trace

Inform, enable and engage your customers with a proactive and customized shipping communication and an integrated tracking page.

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