Your new e-commerce superpower: Grow your online business successfully in Europe

Manage your fulfillment in Europe completely remotely with the Alaiko Logistics Operating System – a powerful tool that uses real-time interfaces, automates various processes and brings them all into one digital platform. Alaiko provides you with best-in-class fulfillment services as well as with an exceptional post purchase experience for your customers.

Enter the world’s most attractive markets

Extend your customer reach and offer products in less saturated markets while benefiting from Alaiko’s strategic location advantage in the heart of Europe.

European e-commerce: a growth market

The European e-commerce market offers great expansion potential and is yet less competitive, offering higher return on advertising spend.

High willingness to pay

Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, European e-commerce is growing faster than offline and is especially attractive due to its customers’ high willingness to pay.

Cultural fit for marketing

As the European market is a unified economic zone with English as common language, existing marketing and advertising materials e.g. from the US / UK/ AUS can easily be adapted.

Partner up with Alaiko and start your successful e-commerce journey in Europe


Indirect representation


Local e-commerce expert network


First mile support


Custom clearance support


QA management


Multi-carrier enablement


Customer self-service solutions


Automized return solutions

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